Friday, December 08, 2006

Gosh darn it!

See, there's a large banner hanging over the street, not one block from the house where I'm living this semester. It announces an annual Christmas Tree lighting, proclaming "ELON LIGHTS UP!" It was featured on the popular website with the caption, "You know you live in a stoner town when..." That would have been just perfect to post here. But it seems that CollegeHumor has cleaned up there site and in the process, deleted it.

So instead, we'll have to settle for one of the Christmas bands ever.


Vicus Scurra said...

Hello Adam.
That was truly nauseating.
I wish you would try harder. What do you mean by "one of the Christmas bands ever". Is it a guess the missing word competition? Can I try?
Bollock squeezingly awful (I know that is more than one word)
Most likely to induce uncontrolled violence.

If, one the other hand, you meant some superlative like "best", then that isn't really saying much is it?
It could have been worse though. We in Britain understand these things. We have Cliff Richard.
It could have been better, though, couldn't it? Apart from the obvious suggestion that they shut the fuck up, and stopped trying to ruin Pachelbel, then I think if those girls had got their tits out, then even I would have been able to feel something of the Christmas spirit.

Dave said...

Oh, and it's their, not there.

Is that OK Vicus?

Vicus Scurra said...

I suspect that you are right, Dave, but I am not completely fluent in southern.