Tuesday, August 12, 2008

...Aaand we're back!

That's right kids, I've decided to restart my blog! Or at least write in it until I get bored with it again.

See, the purpose of this blog was to give me a place to post random funny pictures, videos, and whatnot, but that has been replaced by LOLercoaster.com, which has pairs upon pairs of readers looking at my postings. (Don't worry, it will be getting a redesign soon). But suddenly, I've wanted to start writing stuff again, and finally got around to it.

So I've graduated college, and now I'm living at home with my parents while I search for a job. Abruptly losing my semi-independence has been about as fun as a root canal, being forced to listen to hours of country music, or worse yet, a marathon of those Mr. Opportunity commercials.

I'm kind of in a weird spot right now. I'm no longer in college, yet not quite out in the real world. It's like I'm in some strange part of my life that no one ever really thinks about. Thus the blog has been retitled "Tales from a Parallel Universe." More importantly, because I think parallel universes are a really cool concept.

I guess it's not all bad. I'm not working, although I'd like to be (I may have a temp job coming up soon). I've really taken a liking to Odd Todd cartoons, as they pretty closely mirror my life (except that guy doesn't live with his parents...yet).

More importantly, I have a job interview coming up next month. Let's just say they're serious enough about hiring me that they've started talking about where I would be living should I get that job. And let's also say, that it's in a very, very interesting location. A place where they do not have Food Lions, Krispy Kremes, Apple Stores, or even Walmarts.

In fact, this place has even escaped the grasp of Starbucks!

But I'm just going to leave you in suspense on where it is. In TV, it's how we get you to come back next time.


Vicus Scurra said...

Usual comment to indicate that one person has read this.

Adam said...

Usual attempt at a witty reply.