Sunday, December 23, 2007

God Bless Us, Everyone!

Hey kids. It's Christmas time again. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of wrapping presents, mailing cards, baking things, and generally hating everyone in the parking lot of your local mall/Wal-Mart/corner gas station (depending on the size of the town where you live), let's not forget the most important part of the season:

The 15th anniversary of the student film debut of what would eventually become South Park!

I have to say, seeing how bad the work of the now-legendary Matt Stone and Trey Parker looked at my age makes me feel good about my own videos. It's good to know that everyone starts out looking like crap, with some halfway decent writing thrown in.

I have also heard that this time of year also something about that Jesus fellow. He must be really popular, the way that those politicians are always talking him. It's like they're trying to mooch off of his popularity or something.

Somehow, I feel I should end this post with an appropriate picture. Ah yes, here's one of a banner announcing Elon's big lighting ceremony that they put up every year:


Vicus Scurra said...

I have no idea what that quaint message means. I do know that it is an anagram of either:
Spouting Hell
Hello, pig nuts.

Adam said...

Well, many people associate "lighting up" with marijuana usage, especially when this is taken out of the context of Christmas. Although I probably never would have gotten it had it not come with a caption explaining the joke when I first found it on

In this case, I figured it would be a better joke if I didn't stop to explain it.

Leni Qinan said...

Cool video! Yes, that Jesus guy is very popular. He plays frisbee really fine.